Unconfined Soil Testers

Unconfined Soil Testers

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Digital Unconfined Soil Tester, 300lb (1.33kN)
Unconfined Soil Tester, 500lb (2.25kN)
Soil Tester, Unconfined – 1000lb (4.54kN)
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Unconfined Soil Testers

Supports the following standards: ASTM D2166

Humboldt’s line of unconfined soil testers allow for quick and accurate determinations of unconfined compressive strength of cohesive soils in intact, remolded or reconstituted condition in the field or lab. They can be used with cohesive materials, which will not bleed water during deformation or compaction testing and retain their intrinsic strength after removal from loading pressures, such as clay or cemented soils. Conversely, soils, which are dry and crumbly, such as peats, silts and sands cannot be tested with these testers. These load testers provide an approximate value of the strength of cohesive soils in terms of total stresses as per ASTM D2166.

The Humboldt unconfined soil testers provide and inexpensive method to quickly obtain a measure of compressive strength for those soils that possess sufficient cohesion to permit testing in the unconfined state. They are ideal for use by consultants, universities and DOTs where a quick, economical test setup is desired.

They are perfect for field labs where space constraints and desire for a low-cost alternative to a load frame is needed. They are also perfect for operations, which require multiple units, but are constrained by low budgets or where existing load frames are dedicated to CBR and the Humboldt testers would suffice for quick, unconfined soil tests.

The light and compact design of these testers provide great portability for everyday field use. These digital models feature a quality digital indicator, which provides readings to 1.0lb precision. They can be used for on-site, pile tonnage or foundation bearing capacity estimates. All of these testers are sturdily made of light and durable aluminum and feature a geared, hand-wheel loading system. All include a load ring and platen.

The digital H-4180BD Tester is designed to be a replacement for the now defunct “Rimac” tester, which are used extensively by the Illinois DOT. It provides a daylight opening between platens of 5.125" perfect for split spoon samples. This model provides up to 300 lb. (1.33kN) load capacities and an adjustable height scale for determining vertical travel.

The digital H-4180AD and H-4180DD provide a daylight opening between platens of 6.375", perfect for use with 6" Shelby tube samples or samples cut down from larger Shelby tubes.

The H-4180AD provides 500 lbs. (2.22kN) load capacity and an adjustable height scale for determining vertical travel.

The H-4180DD provides 1000 lbs. (4.45kN) load capacity and features a dial indicator for determining vertical travel.

For more information and details about Humboldt Unconfined Soil Testers, click here.



ASTM D2166

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